Evnoia group is pleased to invite you to our Student Affairs Transformation Summit scheduled to take place on the 29th – 31st October 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Academia has multifaceted dimensions and it has diverse roles to play. Students and the research executed by them are considered as the product of any university. In the present value-driven and competitive environment, it is a quality requirement that all departments and faculties of any educational institution work in concordance with each other to achieve the higher goals. Institutions are marked and graded by the personality of its students and it is the utmost responsibility of Student Affair department to inculcate the high personality traits among the students through its coordinated efforts and by performing its appropriate roles and functions; those should be all student-centred.

Student Affairs (SA) department is considered as the centre of activities in any university or institute, irrespective of its size and population. Traditionally, SA department is concerned with the well-being of students in all affairs either it is an administrative, academic, social, physical or psychological requirement of the students. With the dawn of new trends in education and the competitive environment among the educational institutions, new and refined roles of SA have emerged. Presently, nearly all the universities have their Student Affairs department but they are not either fully equipped or efficiently functional with all the required roles and responsibilities. This conference will pave way for delegates to follow this role model for the development of students and institutions.

SA office has to perform several roles in academia due to the changing environment and demands of the education system and students. Presently, SA is considered as the nucleus of all activities in any university. It is the focal point of all external and internal activities. It is not only concerned with the personality development of the students but also it develops and creates the image and outlook of the university and upgrading the educational system from the level Student Affairs to Student Support.

It is the image builder of the university and its products; the students and the research and publications. 

Conference Aim
By the end of the conference, participants will:
► foster knowledge and awareness of historical current challenges, current trends, and effective strategies associated with student affairs issues
► encourage innovative and scholarly research related to student affairs
► build a support network of professional colleagues to develop and share a comprehensive database of valuable resources relevant to all areas of your work
► create and highlight innovative approaches to student affairs management develop and promote best practices and standards related to management protocol, including assessment and evaluation.


Who should attend?
The conference welcomes practising student affairs professionals from regionally or internationally accredited institutions across the globe. This conference is designed for a diverse audience:
► Vice-chancellors, Deans of student affairs and senior academic staff from all accredited institutions across the world
► Student affairs professionals at all levels – entry, mid-level and senior student affairs officers
► Careers advisers
► Key bodies representing education, development and student interests
► Student Union Government executives, Key government representatives and policy-makers on Education
►Service providers in travel, education software, online providers, healthcare, customs and quarantine information, accommodation, banking, insurance and communication services

Event Registration


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