Animal Health & Nutrition Innovation Summit

23rd - 24th April 2020
New York, USA
Event ended in the last

about event

Evnoia group is pleased to invite you to our Animal Health & Nutrition Innovation Summit scheduled to take place on 23rd – 24th April 2020, in New York, USA.

Animal Health & Nutrition Innovation Summit is a premier B2B conference showcasing emerging Animal Health and Nutrition companies across the globe that are actively seeking financial investment or strategic partnership conversations with large corporate firms. At this summit, we will present data as both a fundamental survival strategy and as an innovative, enabling strategy for thriving in the new world of Animal Health. The future of healthcare digitization is energizing, and data will be the foundation to accelerate that change. Data-driven clinical process improvement is only the start.

This premier B2B event will bring together experts from all levels of the value chain to ensure maximum knowledge transfer and professional exchange; elaborate on the best practices in the industry, and academia to discuss, hear, and learn about their experiences on Animal Health & Nutrition Innovation, to network and enjoy excellent mix of case studies, interactive panel discussions, speed networking and workshops.

Our plenary sessions provide guidance on veterinary market trends and animal health industry dynamics in across the globe, insight on how emerging companies are using new innovations to prevent disease and market analysis on the M&A activity across the animal health and nutrition markets in the USA.

key practical learning points of the summit

• Insights on best-practices and latest R&D innovative strategies

• Probiotics: Current Achievements & Future Trends

• Emerging trends in Animal Health, Feed and Nutrition Market

• The role of alpha-monoglycerides in animal health and performance

• Development of New Technologies

• Investment Opportunity for New Innovations

• Global Challenges and Drivers for Animal Health, Feed and Nutrition

• Qualification, Testing and Validation

• Innovation in Feed Additives

• The new approach on medicated feed

• Integrating R&D with business departments to generate innovations

• Hydrolized galactomannans: an innovative approach for gut health promotion in the antibiotic-free era

• Spore Vaccines Providing a Solution for Feed Vaccines

• Innovative strategies in increasing protein output and reducing the need for antibiotics

• The importance of bioavailability of nutrients and sustainability of food grade ingredient delivery systems

why you should attend

Network with business development and licensing professionals as well as professionals focused on R&D on a global scale

Implement the latest innovations in Animal Health, Feed and Nutrition Industry

Learn about the latest technologies and most pressing topics specific to your business

Get an overview of innovative emerging technologies in the animal health, feed, and nutrition sector and promoting business partnerships within the sector

Interact and connect with leading animal health, feed and nutrition companies and their representatives

Discuss new opportunities for your products and services with key decision makers