Global Semiconductor Summit: Navigating Future Tech Innovations

17th - 18th April 2024
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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about event

Evnoia group is pleased to invite you to the Global Semiconductor Summit – Hybrid Edition scheduled to take place on the 17th – 18th of April 2024 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This hybrid summit will convene experts, professionals, academics, and industry leaders to discuss key topics like global semiconductor trends, talent development, supply chain dynamics, quantum computing, automotive semiconductors, 5G technology, miniaturization, and future memory technologies.

The event offers valuable networking and knowledge exchange opportunities. It features a diverse lineup of speakers, including professionals and researchers. Participants gain insights, make connections, and contribute to industry growth. This summit is a must-attend for those interested in the semiconductor field, offering a comprehensive view of current and future industry developments.

You will hear practical advice on how to progress, overcome challenges, and ways to drive career growth. It will also inspire you to seek your highest personal and professional development level.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the summit.

key practical learning points of the summit

Global Overview: Analyzing the current state and potential future directions of the semiconductor

Talent and Skill Development: Addressing the pressing skill gap and strategies to nurture the
next generation of semiconductor experts.

Supply Chain Dynamics: Investigating challenges in the semiconductor supply chain with a
focus on advanced packaging and geopolitical implications.

Innovations in Quantum Computing: Shedding light on the future workforce and the
technology’s transformative potential.


Automotive Semiconductors: Examining the unique challenges and opportunities in the
intersection of the automotive and semiconductor industries.

The 5G Revolution: Understanding the intricacies of the 5G hardware landscape and the
associated supply chain implications.

Technological Miniaturisation: Exploring advanced manufacturing techniques, challenges, and
solutions in producing ultra-compact chips.

Future Memory Technologies: Delving into innovations, integration challenges, and
opportunities in next-generation memory solutions.

who should attend

• Industry Professionals:
• Semiconductor Engineers
• Supply Chain Managers
• Product Managers

• Academia:
• Researchers and Professors
• Graduate and Post-Graduate Students

• Industry Executives:
•CEOs, CTOs, and VPs
• Business Development Managers

• Consultants and Analysts:
• Market Analysts
• Technical Consultants

• Government and Regulatory Bodies:
• Trade Representatives
• Policy Makers


• Investors and Financial Sector Professionals:
• Venture Capitalists
• Financial Analysts

• Technology Enthusiasts:
• Tech Journalists
• Industry Bloggers and Influencers

• End-users and Clients:
• Electronics Manufacturers
• Automotive Industry Representatives

• Associations and Advocacy Groups:
• Environmental Advocates
• Industry Association Representatives

• Suppliers and Vendors:
• Raw Material Suppliers
• Equipment Vendors